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Publications Overview

The following publications are available to NEAS members as part of the annual membership fee.

ARTIFAX: Published quarterly by the Institute of Biblical Archaeology, the Near East Archaeological Society, and SCRIBE Media. ARTIFAX prints reviews of magazine and newspaper articles dealing with biblical archaeology and religious news. Available in print and online to NEAS members.

Artifax, Summer 2022

Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin (NEASB): The major publication of the NEAS and published annually. The bulletin includes articles and book reviews on ancient Near Eastern archaeology, literature, epigraphy, philology, anthropology, art, and the history of antiquity through the Islamic periods. The articles often relate archaeology to the Bible, assess the current state of scholarship, provide up-to-date excavation reports, and resolve methodological problems of excavation and other research issues. Available in print and online to NEAS members.

The Bible and Spade: A quarterly publication of the Associates for Biblical Research (ABR). Available online to NEAS members. Print subscriptions available from ABR. 

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