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Dr. Scott Stripling, NEAS President
Message from the President
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For seventy-five years the Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS) has advanced scholarship that addresses the relationship between archaeological remains and the biblical text. My own involvement began in 2005, and I have not missed an annual meeting since then. In fact, the annual meetings are a highlight of my year. As the newly elected NEAS president, I am pleased to roll out some exciting upgrades and innovations.

The new website is robust and interactive. It automates billing and registration. In the coming months, we will upload past issues of our publications , the Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin and Artifax magazine. This will increase visibility, readership, and membership. Make sure to visit the bookstore for an excellent selection of conservative books. I am especially proud of The Excavations at Khirbet el-Maqatir, Israel (vol. 2, Archaeopress, 2023). The executive committee is recommending revisions to our constitution and bylaws to synchronize our current practices with the governing documents. Please peruse the current constitution and bylaws and the proposed revisions. We will vote on these proposed changes at our next annual meeting.

Beginning with the 2023 annual meeting in San Antonio, members who register for the conference can participate virtually. I expect this to drive an increase in membership for our society. Retired scholars who are unable to travel can remain active, and anyone who is unable to physically attend the annual meeting will still be able to present and attend lectures.

Also, in 2023 NEAS is launching a scholarship fund to help students participate in excavations in the Bible lands. This is in keeping with one of the stated purposes for our existence. Let’s actively recruit student members and facilitate their involvement in excavations and academic presentations.

These changes, and others that are forthcoming, require funds. Inflation affects us like it does every other organization. To address this need, the NEAS membership approved an increase in membership dues from $37 to $60 for all membership levels, except students who only pay $30. We will also make an annual appeal for funds, and the new website has a prominent donate feature. In honor of our seventy-fifth anniversary, please join me in donating at least $75 to NEAS as a legacy gift.

I am proud of our past and excited about our future. Great days lie ahead.

For God’s glory,

Scott Stripling

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