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The Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS) was founded in 1957 to facilitate the involvement of evangelical Christians in research in the lands of the Bible. Society members view the Bible as an inspired ancient text which can be illuminated and clarified by properly conducted and interpreted archaeological research.

Members are invited to participate in the annual meeting of the society which provides a program of informational papers and reports, as well as the opportunity to participate in NEAS business affairs. For convenience, NEAS meets each November in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS). 

The Near East Archaeological Society is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization under EIN #36-6116770. All donations are charitable and tax deductible as allowed by law. For legal questions, please see a tax advisor for more information.

Board Members and Officers, 2023–2024

Scott Stripling, President

Mark HasslerVice President

Seth RodriquezSecretary

Suzanne Lattimer, Treasurer

Clyde Billington, Past President

Gary Byers, Nominating Committee Chair

Adam Dodd

Ralph Hawkins, NEASB Book Review Editor

Chris McKinny, NEASB Editor

Donald McNeeley

Doug Petrovich

Chet Roden

Boyd Seevers, Publications Committee Member

Robert Smith

Kevin Larsen, Publications Committee Chair

Abigail Leavitt, Membership Committee Chair

Gary Urie, Program Committee Chair

NEAS Bulletin, NEASB

Editor, Chris McKinny

Associate Editor, Titus Kennedy

Editorial Board: Kevin Larsen, Chair; Boyd Seevers, Rodger Young


Editor, Gordon Govier

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