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NEAS Presentations at ETS 2022

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Research and scholarly presentations at the annual NEAS meeting

Click here to read "A Review of the NEAS 2022 Annual Meeting," Don McNeely, ABR, 12/14/2022.

Researchers, scholars, and students presented twenty papers covering a wide variety of topics during NEAS sessions over three days at the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) annual meeting held in Denver, Colorado November 15-17, 2022.

Presenters, Organizations, and Papers

  • Clyde Billington, Artifax, "The Egyptian Governance of Canaan from Thutmosis III to Ramses II"

  • Walt Harper, Central Christian College of the Bible, Excavations in the Jewish Village of Shikhin in Lower-Galilee"

  • Mark A. Hassler, Virginia Beach Theological Seminary, "Giantism and the Colossal Cedar of Lebanon (Ezekiel 31)"

  • Ralph K. Hawkins, Averett University, "The Newly Discovered Four-Room House at Khirbet 'Auja el-Foqa"

  • Joshua Hunter, Welch Divinity School, "Disclosing the Divine Name: Analyzing Exodus 3 in Light of the Ancient Near Eastern Secret Names"

  • Titus Kennedy, Biola University, "Ritual Desecration at Khirbet Et-Tell?"

  • Abigail Leavitt, Ariel University, "The Fourth Season at Shiloh"

  • K. Lynn Lewis, The Bible Seminary, "A Contemporary Failure Analysis of the Walls of Jericho"

  • Chris McKinny, Gesher Media, "Tel Nagila – A Historical Geographical Assessment"

  • Doug Petrovich, Brookes Bible College, "A Hebrew Inscription from Joshua's Conquest at Lachish"

  • Seth M. Rodriquez, Colorado Christian University, Maces and Clubs as Weapons of War in the Iron Age: The Evidence from Reliefs and Artifacts"

  • Steven Rudd, "Archaeology of Mt. Sinai in Arabia at Mt. Lawz"

  • Boyd Seevers, University of Northwestern—St. Paul, "Roman militaria at Ancient Shiloh: An Attack by Vespasian in A.D. 69?"

  • Robert W. Smith, Mid-Atlantic Christian University, "The Investigation of Holy Space in the Abila Pilgrimage Complex during the 2022 Expedition"

  • Timothy Snow, United World Mission, "Agriculture of Ancient Abila"

  • Frankie Snyder, Independent Scholar, "The Black Bitumen Table Industry: From King Herod's palaces to Byzantine Churches"

  • Scott Stripling, The Bible Seminary, "A Seminal Inscription from Joshua’s Altar"

  • Glen L. Thompson, Wisconsin Lutheran College, "Paul's Departure from Puteoli: How did his party connect with the Via Appia?"

  • Mark Wilson, Asia Minor Research Center, "Paul's Arrival in Italy: Why Puteoli and not Ostia?"John Wineland, Central Christian College of the Bible, "From Zanesville to Haifa: Gottlieb Schumacher’s contribution to Archaeology in Israel and Jordan"

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