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Latest edition of ARTIFAX available

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

ARTIFAX Autumn 2022 cover

The Autumn 2022 edition of ARTIFAX is now available. News and feature stories included in this issue include the following:

  • Decorated Ivories - First Found in Jerusalem

  • The Ishmael Papyrus

  • Jerusalem Inscription Debated

  • Ruins at Korazim and Capernaum Being Restored

  • Holy Sepulchre Columns Moved

  • Mother Goddess Figurine

  • Khirbet Qeiyafa a Cultic Compound?

  • Peter Reference in El-Araj Mosaic

  • Joshua's Tomb in Midst of Controversy

  • Palestinians Vandalized Site of Ancient Samaria Jerusalem Archaeological Gardens Illuminated

  • Sanhedrin City of Usha Excavated

  • Funds for Burned Tel Gezer

  • 5 Red Heifers for Israel

  • Resolving the Red Sea Riddle

  • 100 Years in Retrospect: the Discovery of King Tut's Tomb

  • Elamite Linear Script Deciphered Mitanni City of Zakhiku and Tablets Excavated

  • Excavators Return to Ebla

  • Hippocrates Cures Found at St. Catherine's Monastery

  • Branch of Nile Key to Pyramids

  • Quarter-Shekel Coin Minted by Jewish Rebels Returned to Israel

  • Moon Goddess Coin Discovered off Carmel Coast

  • Ritual Bath From Eve of Destruction of Second Temple

ARTIFAX is an evangelical news digest and commentary on the Holy Land published quarterly by The Institute for Biblical Archaeology and the Near East Archaeological Society. To obtain a subscription, join the NEAS, or visit to purchase a subscription.

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